Terms and Conditions


Journey & Vehicle Conditions

  1. Esquire Executive Travel is a licensed operator and has full private hire insurance. We will not carry more passengers than our insurance or licensing allows.

  2. Our vehicles will only transport the amount of passengers and luggage requested at the time of booking. If additional persons are to travel additional charges will apply and will be payable directly to Esquire Executive Travel or if on the day directly to the chauffeur.

  3. Whilst we can carry up to 4 passengers, we cannot guarantee to carry their entire luggage, as each vehicle has physical limits to the amount it can carry.

  4. We allocate vehicles on the assumption that each passenger is traveling with 1 average size suitcase and 1 piece of hand luggage (aircraft cabin size). If you have over-size luggage or any extra luggage please tell us to save you unnecessary waiting time when arriving-returning to the UK as additional vehicles may be required and will be charged at full rate. Please also inform us if you are traveling with hand luggage only.

  5. We reserve the right to substitute any car in the event of a breakdown prior to any booking. We will endeavour to supply a vehicle of equal quality, if this is not possible we will make an adjustment to the price accordingly. If the car should breakdown during your journey the chauffeur will contact us to arrange car/cars to get you to your destination as soon as practical.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Clients are responsible for any damage they cause to the interior and/or exterior of a vehicle on hire to them and the person who made the booking will be billed accordingly for any repair or valeting required in order to reinstate a vehicle to working order. There will be a minimum charge of £150 for soiling. Food and drink cannot be consumed in the vehicle.

  2. Smoking or vaping in our vehicles is not permitted.

  3. Esquire Executive Travel reserves the right to use subcontract chauffeurs when needed but only in exceptional circumstances. Esquire Executive Travel  will vet all subcontractors to ensure the same high standards we expect from ourselves.

  4. Meet and greet in UK airports are at the arrivals hall. We schedule our drivers to be at the meeting point 35 minutes after the landing time we have been given to allow for luggage recovery. This time will be reduced to 15 minutes if we are told in advance that the passengers only have Hand Luggage. We will monitor your flight and endeavour to meet your flight at the agreed time however if flights land early / late this cannot be guaranteed. The Driver will wait with a board displaying the passengers' name on until 1 hour 15 minutes after the landing time displayed in the arrival halls.


  6. We have no way of knowing whether you are on a flight- airlines will not tell us (Data protection act). If we have not heard from you 1 hour 15 minutes after you have landed we will assume you have missed your flight and the driver will leave. If we do know you are there the driver will wait. Chargeable at £25 per hour part or full hour to cover the extra costs involved. Please advise amended flights immediately.

  7. There is no charge for changing details if the change is in advance of our vehicle leaving to attend the flight given and we don't have another booking, however if the vehicle has already left then a full charge will be made for the original booking. Another vehicle will only be supplied to attend another flight on re-payment of another fare.

  8. Child seats are not available. We prefer you to use and fit your own. We will be happy to store these for you. This must be advised in advance

  9. Prices are net of vat. Airport parking and airport waiting costs are included up to the time limit specified above. Prices are per vehicle and not per person unless a tour has been booked. Prices don't include Inner London Congestion charge ( £15.00 per vehicle) or Ulez charge (£12.50)  which will be added to all relevant transfers if applicable.

  10. Your booking is not secured until you receive confirmation. This will be by text or E-mail. It is the passengers' responsibility to check the information we have been given and which we have confirmed back in the booking confirmation, is correct; there will be a full charge if a transfer fails because we have attended as per the information supplied and this proves to be correct. Please check your booking confirmation carefully and inform us of any errors. We will endeavour to check all flight details, connection times etc. supplied to us by the client but Esquire Executive Travel cannot be responsible for any errors or cancellations or timetable changes which result in loss or delay to the client or passengers.

  11. A Quote can be verbal, in writing or by E-mail and will be based on information supplied by the client. The quote will be considered as binding by Esquire Executive Travel subject to these terms and will be valid for 1 Month. All quotes tendered included mileage.

  12. Every effort will be made to pick you up and get you to your destination on time, but we are not liable for any machinery breakdown, Quarantine, loss due to delays caused by traffic jams, road works, road closures, diversions, extreme weather conditions, collisions caused by other parties,or terrorist attacks on the journey. No responsibility is accepted for any omission or rerouting or additional expenses or other events resulting from improper Health certificates or documents or acts of Government authority. Esquire Executive Travel may cancel all services and refund in the event of circumstances beyond our control. If you driver fails to show please contact him on the mobile number we have provided you.

  13. Any delay during a journey caused by the passenger is solely their own responsibility. The driver must not be asked to speed or drive recklessly to make up time.

  14. We will use any reasonable means to get you to your destination on time. It is the passengers responsibility to make sure enough time has been allowed for their transfer; we will be pleased to offer advice but without liability.

  1. The route undertaken will be decided by our driver and our control centre. Unscheduled requests will be accommodated only at our discretion and only provided if it does not jeopardize this or subsequent transfers contracted for the vehicle. Unscheduled requests involving extra mileage, waiting time or pick-up/drop-offs will attract a surcharge payable in advance.

Prices & Deposits

  1. We will carry out work on account for individuals or companies (the applicant) subject to status. We may require in the first instance payment in advance before allowing account facilities. As a condition of opening an account with us the applicant will agree to pay all invoices issued by us within 7 days from the date of invoice. Any discounts or special rates will be agreed beforehand by us in writing. The applicant for an account must provide any references required to check creditworthiness.

  2. Please be ready to leave at the agreed time. The vehicle may not be able to wait beyond this time if it is contracted to do another transfer and waiting time will jeopardize subsequent work. In the event of adverse weather or traffic conditions we may contact customers to arrange an earlier start time.

  3. Esquire Executive Travel reserves the right to refuse or terminate any booking if it is felt to be not genuine or places any driver or vehicle at risk of damage or abuse by the client or by persons (connected or not connected with the client) in the vicinity of any location during the hire. The vehicle will leave the vicinity of any disturbance whether the client is present or not and only return when safe to do so.Esquire Executive Travel will terminate the hire with immediate effect and ask the client to vacate the vehicle (when safe to do so) if at the chauffeur’s discretion the client commits any act which threatens the safety of the vehicle or its occupants. There will be no refund of fare if part way through the hire or a later return journey is unused. The passengers will be refused entry if the chauffeur suspects drug, alcohol or solvent abuse prior to or during the hire period.

  4. We reserve the right to ask for full payment or a deposit when making a non account booking. These can be made by credit card, debit card,  cash or cheque (which must be cleared by the time of travel). Where a booking deposit is accepted the balance will be paid in advance of traveling. For very short notice bookings from persons unknown only payment by cash to the driver beforehand will be accepted. Some or all of these conditions may be relaxed when we are satisfied with the credentials of the booker for subsequent bookings.

  5. We can only accept credit card payments from the person or company (if on behalf of an employee/client of that company) that is traveling. We cannot accept credit card bookings from third parties. We must be supplied with card details to be verified in advance. A full address for the booking must be supplied and must either connected with that person (the residence or place of work of that person). We will only accept phone bookings from a verifiable and fixed phone line. The person traveling will be required to produce the card for signature verification to the driver before commencement of journey.

  6. Deposits of 15% for a short job and £150 per person for a tour must be made at the time of booking and are non refundable.If the customer does not appear at the time and place designated as the pickup point, all monies paid will be non-refundable.Any tour or job booked agree to abide by all these conditions.

  7. Wedding cars: - 50% deposit payable at the time of booking with the remainder payable by 1 month before the job date. Any cancellation of a wedding car will result in the loss of the full amount of monies paid to Esquire Executive Travel.

Tour Conditions

If a client cancels the following refunds will be available only upon written notice of cancellation to Esquire Executive Travel.

  1. More than 6 weeks before the tour full refund with £150 per person being retained by Esquire Executive Travel

  2. 6 weeks to 1 month before tour departure: 75 % of the tour price.

  3. 1 Month to 2 weeks before the Tour departure: 50% of the Tour price

  4. Less than 2 weeks before the Tour departure: No Refund

  5. There is no refund for "no shows"

  • Refunds cannot be made to any passenger who doesn't complete the tour. No refunds shall be made for missed or unused ground services, hotel rooms or meals. U.S. citizens must possess a valid passport. Holders of passports from other countries should enquire about their passports and visa requirements. All rates quoted are based on tariffs and exchange rates in effect at the time of this printing.

  • Cancellation Insurance - Esquire Executive Travel strongly recommend that our participants purchase their own travel insurance.

  • Tour price does not include: Any extra transportation which is not part of the ground itinerary; Tips to guides or porters; entrance fees; passport or visa fees; Insurance; Foreign airport taxes; Us airport immigration and customer fees; excess baggage charges; additional meals, beverages, laundry, phone calls and other personal items.

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